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two related custom options for imprint costs? 
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Hi there,

I am trying to create an option to have products imprinted.
I know you can use custom options for this, but this is the problem I am running in to:

Costs per print colour is fine, but associated with this is a flat fee for every colour.
How do I do that?

A T-shirt should have an imprint:
customer selects how many colours in dropdown menu, and costs will show per piece.
So if you order 100 pieces and print cost per colour is 20 cents, 100x20 cents = 20 euros is print costs.
What I want is that it automatically calculates a flat rate per colour too, for example 40 euros setup costs per color.
So that 100 pieces in 1 colour imprint cost: 0,20 euros * 100 = 20 euros, plus 40 euros setup costs = 60 euros for imprint in 1 colour.

I assume you have to somehow assocaite custom costs, but I can´t figure out a way.

Any help is highlt appreciated!


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