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Magento Extensions Introduction:

An excellent utility is developed for magento store with slideshow and products tagged in images
It allows administrator to submit and tag (or assign) product images of all categories
At frontend images will be shown in the Magento Slideshow on the category page and when you hover the tag positions, it will pop up a tooltip showing product and you can click on the product to view product details

Back-End Functions:

• General settings: you can enable or disable module, set height/width of images, set height/width of slideshow at front-end

• Category images: you can upload how many images to the categories you want, then click to tag images

• Magage tags: The Magento Product Image Tags are displayed in a slideshow, the current tags can be edited right on the assigned images. If you want to assign more product, you will click the images to tag and assign new products to new positions.

• Notes: when you click on image to add new tag and assign new product, you can resize the area and move tag to any position then click ‘Open’ icon to select the appropriate product, after selecting and submitting product, you will click ‘Save’ icon to save the product and position. Finally please click ‘Save’ config button then you’re done.

Front-End Functions:

• The Magento Product Image Tags in a category which is tagged will be performed in a slideshow

• When you hover or click on any positions on the image, it will show a tooltip of assigned product

• If you click on the product name in the tooltip, you will go directly to the product details page

• If you click on the product image, it will show a lightbox in which you can select next or previous buttons to view other product images of the Magento Slideshow

Other Features

• Use jQuery JavaScript Library

• W3C standard with xhtml/css

• Support most of web browsers: Firefox, Chrome, IE, safari…

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