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Use a different theme for specific admin user group? 
Jr. Member
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Joined:  2012-07-29

A client has asked for a feature to allow his warehouse to log into the back end and be able to manage orders and shipments only.

I made a user group and an account that is locked to these couple of screens.

However, I need to be able to show them a “simplified” screen, with a limited amount of options etc (doable via a custom template)

But, the super-admin needs to be able to see the actual page, whilst the warehouse see the custom page.

Is this plausible, using some kind of check for the user group on login? Or is there a plugin to allow either template switching, or to allow a 3rd party to login in and manage orders (i do NOT want to pass order detaisl to a 3rd party software, i want people to log in to the one site)

Thank you

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