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Please help - footer trouble
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I am administrator for a company that uses magento for our website, we are part of a charity and rely on funding so we can’t hire anyone to help us maintain the website specifically....unfortunately that means I have been left in charge and I have worked out the very, very basic things but I am COMPLETELY at a loss with this.

I was asked to set up a twitter account and in doing so, I realised there is already a twitter link on our website to an old account. I need to change this and update it to our new twitter account.

I have searched for answers on where I can find this but it is no where to be seen! The most common answer is that I should find it and be able to change it here - /app/design/frontend/default/yourtheme/template/catalog/product/view.phtm

however I cannot find this ANYWHERE! My options on the admin page at the top are: Dashboard, Sales, Catalougue, Mobile, Customers, Promotions, Newsletter, CMS, Reports, Wordpress, System. If I go to system, configuration, design there is a link for footer, however this just gives me some blank boxes.

If anyone can help me at all, I would be extremely grateful and if you can help, please explain it in the most simple way you possibly can as this is pretty much all new to me and I have no experience with website management at all.

Thank you in advance.


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