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Issue with PayPal when Billing and Shipping addresses are different
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Hi All,

I’m facing the following issue using Magento Community with One Page Checkout and PayPal Standard. At least when client does not have a PayPal account.

Order is billed to address “Person A at Address A” and shipped to “Person B at address B”.
When brought to the PayPal site, on the right side of screen, address “B” is showing as the billing address next to the credit card form. Weird. At this point a client may think the person he is about to send a gift to will be charged by PayPal and just abandon the payment process!
OK now let’s say client pays using his credit card, everything runs OK, and on the Magento side the mechant, has the right Billing and Shipping info in the backend.
But PayPal still holds address “B” as the billing address.
I purchased an item on my own store (live PayPal, not sandbox) as Person “A” with shipment to Person “B”, then refunded myself and got an automatic email from PayPal reading: “you have refunded Person “B”.

Does anyone have any idea what’s going wrong here?
Thanks in advance

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