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Importing images not working, tried everything I can find!! 
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Hey all

Thanks in advance for the help - I am trying to import images from an existing Magento site to a new URL/fresh install, tried EVERYTHING I can find but nothing working yet.

Here’s what I did;

1. Fresh install of Magento on new URL
2. copy across all the relevant site files including ALL of the images under the product catalog folder
3. imported all of the old products - (images didn’t map across and show).

Since then I have been trying to get the products to map with images tried all sorts including;

1. Creating an ‘Import’ folder under Media (wasn’t there on new install!) and transferring images across
2. Changed permissions on all images to fully writable
3. Tried both Dataflow and standard Import
4. Mapped the images under all the different fields I can find - media gallery, image, thumbnail, gallery etc - and in all possible ways - /a/b/absolute/jpg, /absolute.jpg, even the FULL image file URL

Can anyone at all help with this? Really can’t find an answer that works anywhere and at wit’s end with it!

Thank you so much in advance! Happy to send a couple of $US by PayPal for someone to buy a coffee if they provide an answer that works smile

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Hi there,

If you have images saved locally, you in the file should indicate image name only (without slash) - for example - image.jpg
Image name should not contain blanks/spaces, picture side should not be bigger then 2 MB. Also check if you have enough space at your FTP. Here is the article with tips what to check if you cannot upload images -

If the images are somewhere remotely and you have only links to them in the file, it also should work, but not using out-of-the-box Magento import method, but using third-party application called Store Manager for Magento. Free 2-weeks version is in the link in my signature, so you can download it and try to import your images absolutely free during mentioned period.

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