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Where Do I Find State By State Tax Rates? 
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I have been referred repeatedly to the knowledgebase on setting a tax rate rule or creating a new tax rate… But my question is where do I actually get the state by state tax rates to start with? I thought once I entered country USA and the state in drop down that I would then get another drop down of tax rates right in Magento. Do I really have to google EACH and every state individually and the look up each individual tax rate and type these in one by one?!


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Why do you need tax rates for every state in the US? Do you have a physical presence in every US state? Except for your US state where your business is located and registered, you probably won’t be collecting state state tax, except under certain situations for that most bankrupt state in the union known as California.

Second, except for two states that don’t have sales tax, you have 48 different versions of tax code to work with and depending on your US business location, will have to also collect county, municipal and local taxes.

Magento originally was a multi-country development project headed by Varien and while it has a USA module, it also tends to be more Eurocentric in some of its business logic and frankly, data collection of this type is the shop-owner’s responsibility.

BTW, we have no VAT, Federal Sales tax or the equivalent thereof… and customs for things being shipped into the US are usually the responsibility of the receiving party.

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