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Can Magento Do Triple Pack of Same Simple Product
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I have been trying to get Magento to do some BOM of my current products, this would be great in offering the customer an option to spend more on my store. I have tried using the group product but in my Magento store it gives the customer the option to amend how many they want, I want to be able to offer the buy a three pack and specify the price of the same simple product. How do I do this or is there an extension that offers this feature.

Example product I have a pack of hooks £1, I want to have as an up sell of that product the hooks X3 £2.49, then this would need to go and take 3 packs of stock from the simple product, I don’t want the customer to be able to change the amount of packs they receive I want to be able to speciify that this is a 3 pack only, but how do i do this??????

Currenyl using Magento, any extension suggestions welcome

JT Rodgers

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