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Discount Code Exceeds Shopping Cart Total? 
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Joined:  2012-10-23

First off - thanks in advance for looking!

We are currently offering a $25 off coupon to some of our customers. In order for us to keep it simple, the rule was made so that the cart total had to be $25 or more. Now, they’d like to remove that rule.

Wondering if any of you know what happens when your cart total + shipping + tax = 0. Does the customer still have to enter payment information (we are currently using the one-page checkout with some custom modifications) or is that bypassed?

If the customer has created an account, does the left over discount sit in the customer’s account, or is it zero’d out? I’d assume checkout with guest the amount leftover is voided.

Any ideas? I’m not sure how to test this without universally changing how discounts are applied.

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