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Sunbelt personnal firewall issue when ordering on a magento store
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Joined:  2009-01-16


I use Sunbelt personnal firewall and I met a problem when ordering. After choosing payment method, when I click on the button to go to the next step (order confirmation) the button is inactive. The ajax loader gif appears as well as the loading text but I stay on the payement method “page” (I chose a payment method of course).

After searching, I found the issue. It’s my Sunbelt personnal firewall web filter witch causes the trouble. When I disable this option, I can order without any problem.

Now I know what is the source of the problem and I can disable the option, but other users who has this firewall won’t be able to order. Then they’ll maybe try to order at another store…

Is this problem already known ? How may I solve it ?

I hope you’ll understand what I said because my english is not too good… I apologize for that…

Thank you very much.

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