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Create configurable (and simple) product in one step
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Hi all,

We have to create a configurable product in one step. Actually we have about 14 pages and it’s very time consuming and boring task to add a configurable product.

The only things we need is the General, attributes settings, Prices, categories and the field used to make the single products (in my case the size).
The store manages the languages as Store view names, I mean Store Name ans Website Name are the same, but Store view names are different, one for every language.
Ideally the name of the configurable article should also have the default one and the translated ones (4 input lines).

I’d like to know if there is a way to have an unique page for creating a configurable product and the simple product below based on the size of the article and where to start with this. It’s there any module doing part of this job I may purchase and improve the way it would fit my needs ?

Thank you for helping.


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Hello Bob,

I guess you need to create separate attributes for different store views - lets say creates attribute Size-English and Size_German and add options to them on the appropriate language. Then you need to generate all the combinations of simple products that belong to configurable.

Here is the article on how to automate this process.

Then when all the products are created you can assign them to particular store view.
Hope it helps.

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