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Looking to redirect Sku’s to Product page ala Mxperts SkuRoute
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We’ve used the following extension on 1.3x previously.

It doesn’t look like there’s any newer version, and I downloaded the package. It’s nothing too complicated. It extends the 404 to first check the URL against the product sku database, and redirects to it’s product page… otherwise it displays the 404.

I’d like to do the same in 1.7 now that we upgraded, but this extension doesn’t work in newer versions.

Basically, when someone enters in:
(where a product sku is 2938)
It’ll send them to the product page. If the url they enter in the root of the store doesn’t exist in the product DB, then normal 404.

SO.... wondering if anyone has looked at this code and knows why it would break in 1.7. The code controller looks pretty simple, but can’t determine what breaks it now.

I wish the developer updated, but doesn’t look like he is.


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