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import, Assign Products to Categories
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Hi, I am trying to import almost 2000 products to categories, is this even possible in Magento, I used to have 1.5.1 but this wasn\’t possible and still isn\’t in which i find extremely frustrating since this would be a major feature. Basically My spreadsheet is sku,category_ids and then i have the sku and number of the category I want that product to go into. I have spent almost 2 weeks trying to sort this issue and can\\\\\\\’t believe no one has responded to this before, and reported it to Magento. Does anyone know if this is a feature possible in the import or not. And also when i import this it changes some of the data, all products are changed to catalog, search, and the brands are all changed to the default brand. very frustrating.


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Hi there,

Generally, it is possible to import products and place them to correct categories.
In case there is no function in your current version, I offer you to try adding your products using third-party tool called Store Manager for Magento.
It has no limitations in the number pf products uploaded and does not requires specific file and there is no definite data placement rules.
You can try it out, as there is free 2-weeks version of the application available for download from the link in my signature.

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