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Best place to apply price formatting function
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Where is the best place to apply a price formatting function globally to all prices in Magento?

(I only want it to affect display price output on frontend, not actual numbers in the backend or checkout. For example, I want to format any price such as $68.00 to just $68 but keep decimals in case there are prices such as $33.50. And it should only affect the output as displayed to the visitor.)

I found a function on that allows me to do exactly what I want:

// formats money to a whole number or with 2 decimals; includes a dollar sign in front
        function formatMoney($number$cents 1// cents: 0=never, 1=if needed, 2=always
if (is_numeric($number)) // a number
if (!$number// zero
$money = ($cents == '0.00' '0'); // output zero
else // value
if (floor($number) == $number// whole number
$money number_format($number, ($cents == 0)); // format
else // cents
$money number_format(round($number2), ($cents == 2)); // format
// integer or decimal
// value
return $money;
// numeric
// formatMoney

But where should I put this function and how can I apply it to getPriceHtml? I don’t want to have to edit every instance of a price in every template, so it should be global.

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