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Reactivating dynamic bundle product to fix javascript error
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Firstly, I should note I am not a programmer, but the admin for my company\’s magento store (CE 1.4.1) and I am trying to re-activate a bundled product page, which consisted of a javascript code to create two rows of products--top and bottom earrings--that the user could flip through and see the different configurations and then check-out with their selected match. 

I had to deactivate this section over the Summer as different issues were arising in different browsers, namely that the user could not see the final product.  I have attached a screenshot of how this page looked prior to its deactivation. 

When I go to enable this product, nothing happens...the page looks almost completely barren save for a bit of text that says $2800.00.  To be honest, I can\’t find the code related to this page, but was curious if anyone knew where to look via FTP or how to resolve this in the admin panel.  Am happy to provide more information as needed.  Thank you.

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