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Multi-file Product Export - Inconsistent Columns
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Due to server limitations of my shared hosting account, I get a timeout 500 error when trying to export a complete product list to csv. Therefore, I split up the export into five segments defined by product price ranges. The problem I’m having is that there are differences in the column order and number of columns among the five export files. This is partly due to custom attributes I’ve added, which in some cases are unused for all products falling within that file’s price range (it ignores columns that have no values listed). This makes it difficult to combine all files into one file, to use for subsequent product updates.

Can someone tell me how to get all column headers to appear in the same order in all export files? I already have each dataflow profile set to display ‘Original Magento attribute names in first row’. 


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Hello JC77,

I guess it is a bit tedious way of separating data into chunks and then adding them as different data have different information in columns listed. In case you cannot export all the data in one procedure doe to the server resources limit, there is PC application called Store Manager for Magento. It works mainly using PC resources, so it shouldn\’t give you the error.
There is 2 weeks free version, you can download it from the link in my signature, so you can export all your data without the need to pay.

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