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Grouped or bundle products in a little different way
Greg Gigon
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I’m writting here as I was unable to find answer for my questions on forums and on WIKI.

I need to create a store with two group of products. Group A ( eg. shoes) and group B ( eg. shoe laces).

Now, product A can be sell seperatelly, but product B needs to be sell as a bundle with one of products A.
Eg. I would like to sell shoes but when I sell shoe laces I would like to sell them only with shoes.

So, when someone chooses a product A in a store he is presented with OPTION of also selecting product B.
But when he starts to select from product B, and make his choice then he NEEDS to select one of the products from A.

Is that possible with Magento? I know of Grouped Product eistance but I don’t think that this will do the JOB.

Hope you guys can help me with this pickle smile


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