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Writing an RFP
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I was hired to do a shopping cart comparison for a client, make a recommendation and write an RFP to build it out. The client has some unique needs and after months of asking around was leaning toward Drupal/Ubercart. We talked about Magento but they thought they would need Enterprise, which is too expensive for this project. After doing some research, I think Community plus extensions will work fine. Specifically, the features they need that aren’t included in Community but that have a third-party solution are:

1. Affiliate payment system - Aheadworks
2. Trouble ticketing - Aheadworks (I didn’t see this in Enterprise either)
3. Store credits - aheadworks
4. RMAs - aheadworks
5. Customer points - aheadworks

Private sales and access by partners to check referral payment balances are on the list too but I didn’t see a solution for Magento for those. The “unique” requirements are syncing with Quickbooks, Salesforce and a custom inventory program they wrote in-house based on Django/PostgreSQL.

My first question to the community is two-part and it is, all things considered, <b>is Magento Community+ a better fit than Drupal/Ubercart </b>and secondarily, <b>is it a good fit for the requirements</b>?

The second question is, what detail would developers like to see that they usually don’t get in an RFP? Thanks.

- Jeff

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