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Generate Purchase Orders and Receive Inventory
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This is a feature we have in an 4+ year-old, licensed version of Volusion. We would like to be able to use Magento to generate purchase orders (POs) for products and receive them into inventory. Each vendor/manufacturer has its own unique ID with applicable fields (address, terms, shipping method, due date, cancel date, etc). Each product has a vendor rule section to associate it with the vendor ID, the vendor part number and cost. The PO generator creates unique PO numbers and then you populate the PO by entering the product ID and quantity. The generator pulls the product name, manufacturer part number quantity and cost and creates line items with each associated with the product ID. The PO generator can email a simple document to the designated email address, and the PO can then be sent to the vendor.

On the receiving side of the system, one simply opens the PO number and then populates the appropriate fields as inventory is delivered. The receiving side of the system will then add that inventory to the product inventory.

Can Magento do that?

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