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Passing page names (or blocks) to account pages
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Joined:  2009-01-19

On the account pages (eg, /customer/account/index/) there is a list of links used for navigating with a header titled “My Account” on all of the pages in the account section.

My account section is a one page layout, so that the header and list of links is at the top (i.e., the customer/account_navigation is the first block on all of the account pages).

I need to change it so that the header text will change depending on the section: “My Dashboard”, “Edit Account Information”, “My Orders” etc. rather than just the standard “My Account”

I need to know how I can add a new block above customer/account_navigation where I am able to set the title. I imagine it will be something like this:

<block type="core/template" name="customer_account_title" template="customer/account/title.phtml">
action method="append"><block>sales.order_recent.title</block></action>

or something like that, and somehow accept some html from the sales.order_recent.title block and inject it into the customer_account_title template. (or perhaps I am waaaay off - this layout stuff is confusing!)

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