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Community Shipping Calc
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My first post so please bare with me.

My developer is build us a new site and I’m assisting with data input.

I’ve noted that in the admin section of the site there does not seem to be an input field for product dimensions.

Surely this is mandatory so that shipping can be correctly worked out.

Do I need some extra software at this POS stage of the site or can Community handle everything right up to integrate with my payment gateway (Sage Pay)?

Sorry if I’m not asking the right question but this seems to also be a learning curve for my developer?



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I too have been investigating this (the site I’m helping build will be selling mostly paintings from local art galleries) so specifying item weight simply isn’t enough to get accurate shipping estimates to appear for a customer while shopping online.

I have found a Dimensional Shipping extension from this website:

However, I am not yet sure if it will work for me.  I believe the dimensional thing works best with things that have already been packaged and the dimensions and weight you enter are of an already packaged item, so it doesn’t appear capable of calculating the cost of having something packaged by, say, a UPS store (which is required in order for them to honor their insurance; you can’t pack it yourself and then take it to them).

I sent the company an email asking about this and they’ve not responded yet.  The extension looks like just what we need but it looks like I might have to purchase a separate extension just to separate handling (packaging) costs.

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