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What is purpose of events
Vipan Kumar
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Ludhiana, Punjab, India

I am working on quick preview of product in magento community version 1.7. i have download a extension which working as same. I found some line of code which is i am unable to purpose and motive please explain these things

Events: why do we execute these events in quick view controller


and some function following why use them please any body explain these i want to understand them what they work

getUpdate, addHandle, loadLayoutUpdates, getCustomLayoutUpdate

$update $this->getLayout()->getUpdate();







we can just load template file directly in template through widget so why we need call layout updates. i have attached controller file

File Attachments
IndexController.php  (File Size: 7KB - Downloads: 17)
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There is event observer concept in Magento so.
This helps in avoiding core files to be touched.

In XML you can set an observer to listen to an event.

So when an event is fired an observer will be informed and it can call a function of a class where some code can be placed.

There are lots of documents on net related to this.
You need to go through them.


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