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Orders using PayPal Express Don’t Apply the Proper Tax Rules - Need Help
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Here is the situation. Our online store has two tax rules. First, customers are charged 5% (GST) if they are from Canada (doesn’t matter where in Canada). Second, they are charged 8% (PST) if they are from Ontario, Canada specifically. So far this has worked well.

Tax is set-up to be charged according to their shipping address via the System Configuration options

Recently someone made an order using PayPal Express. This customer is from Ontario, Canada. But something happened. They were not charged the 8% (PST) when they were supposed to be. This only happens when someone pays using PayPal Express (it works fine with PayPal standard and direct payment)

If you look at an order that was made using PP Express, you will notice the customer billing information is left blank (this only happens with Express), but their shipping information is filled in. Would this have something to do with it? but I have the options set to tax based on shipping details. I’m lost. Anyone else experience this?

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