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User submitted products, group pricing, groupon type features
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I am looking for a shopping cart that can do the following and am wondering if Magento can do it with whatever extensions are needed (and what those extensions are):

1) User submits a product, including image. Price is predetermined by the website admin.
2) If X people sign up to purchase the product in Y time, the price of the product goes down for those X people.  As soon as X people sign up, all X people are billed.
3) If less than X sign up to purchase the product, and Y time expires, the \\\\\\\"less than X people\\\\\\\” are given the option to purchase the item at the higher price, but are otherwise not billed.
4) If greater than X people sign up in Y time, the price of the product is lowered even further for those \\\\\\\"greater than X people\\\\\\\”.

Scenario: You want to sell a music album. Albums cost $20. If you get 50 people to sign up to purchase it before the time limit (on the deal) expires, all 50 can buy it at $15. They are all billed as soon as 50 people sign up. If the time limit expires and 50 people have not signed up, nobody is billed and users can still purchase the album for $20 if they want. If 200 people sign up before the time limit expires, they each get the album for $10.

Is this something Magento can handle?

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