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Too many links on Magento Site
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I’m managing our website, , and I noticed that its search engine rankings dropped sharply after the first month of launch. No major changes were made so I set out to tweak it in minor steps to get it back where it should be.

So far I’ve
1. removed most of the redundant content (robots.txt & canonical links),
2. optimised individual pages with relevant content
3. monitored Google Webmaster Tools and Analytics.

I’ve noticed through the html code (I’m no expert) that we have around 120+ links on our main pages, even though a lot of them aren’t actually on the page itself. Many of these links point to pages that are not in any way relevant to the page!

Can someone have a quick glance through our main page or product ranges page?

My question is - is this something that our web designers did, or an issue with magento?

Here is a snippet of code that links to pages not related to the home page:

<span>Staycold Spare Parts</span></a><ul class="level2"><li class="level3 nav-4-1-1-1 first"><a href="" ><span>Staycold GT1700F Spare Parts</span></a></li><li class="level3 nav-4-1-1-2"><a href="" ><span>Staycold HD1140 Spare Parts</span></a></li><li class="level3 nav-4-1-1-3"><a href="" ><span>Staycold HD520 Spare Parts</span></a></li><li class="level3 nav-4-1-1-4"><a href="" ><span>Staycold HD1360 Spare Parts</span></a></li><li class="level3 nav-4-1-1-5"><a href="" >

Thanks to anyone willing to help! You would be doing me such a massive favor!!


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No major changes were made

Moving your site from one platform to launch on a different platform kind of counts as a major change.

As to the question about “Too many links on Magento Site”, Probably not…

What is more likely is that you didn’t 301 redirect your old page content to your new page content. This completely disrupts Google’s index of your site and disables any inbound linking from other sites to relevant product.

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