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Integrate Magento Go with my existing website. How? 
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Hi All,
I hope you can help me, I am a Magento GO noob.
I want to set up a shop using GO, that’s easy.

My customer userjourney is: user is on the “mother” website and follows a link to the shop, which lives at the subdomain e.g.

Problem: , I need to share User information from the signup from the Shop to the “mother” website.
Ideally, when the user registers, I want to share/send their Username and Password to the mother website.
Reason why: the user then has a single user experience: 1 username and password for both websites.

As far as I can tell, they only thing I can do, is when the user registers, I can send a notification email to another email address with their username in the email. But I can’t include the user password in the email (as far as I know) and simple email is not very secure anyway.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

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