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Upgrading from to - mysql infinity loop after upgrade
Jr. Member
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Joined:  2008-08-07

i have trouble with magento upgrade from to

With these steps :

1. backup old db to db1
2. download and unpack magento to ~/www/magento-
3. install magento to fresh db2
4. detect conflicts with magento-db-repair-tool-1.1.php
-corupped db : db1 (original
-reference db : db2 (fresh

5. repair all conflicts (duplicates, foreigen keys, etc...) until wagento-db-repair tool don’t detect errors;

6. in ~/www/magento- replace db1 with db2
7. go to

8. waiting more than 4 hours and db is still working.
9. after db stop working, repeat step 7.
10. db still working.... nothing change. I think sql is in infinity loop

I have written small bash commant to monitor sql requests :

while true; do mysql -e “show processlist” | tee -a ~/logs/SQLPREKLAPANIE.log; sleep 0.5; clear; done;

I think queries is repeating in infinity loop.

here is first 10% from my log :

Full log :

Thank you for any suggestions.


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Jr. Member
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Joined:  2012-01-24

Hi, I know this method, but this way is really too difficult and complex. So you’d better, try some alternatives to upgrade your Magento.
I was able to successfully upgrade Magento to 1.7.using Connect Manager. Or if you are looking for something to avoid time losse, errors (missing data, duplicates, as they are inevitable while upgrading manually) You can use Cart2Cart ( ) service. But, it is not free. Nevertheless, check both ways

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Pasadena, CA

Hi @dM, so I’m not totally sure that I’m following the steps that you took, but it sounds like basically you:
1. Upgraded your to at db1
2. Installed fresh at db2
3. Repaired db1 against db2 using the repair tool
4. Then your upgraded db1 worked for a little while
5. Then it stopped working

Let me know if I got that right.  Anyways, one thing that would be good to figure out is where this query is originating that you’re seeing show up in your logs.  I actually searched the core and didn’t see that foreign key anywhere.  Search your code base and see where it’s coming from.

I think the closest you’ll find is
in Mage/Catalog/sql/catalog_setup/mysql4-install-

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