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I am currently developing my first magento project and for my uses i have selected the following extensions. Some areas are obviously blank as i have not found good options and i have placed any personally concerning areas in bold.

What i want is your opinions on my selections and where i may be lacking in functionality or another extension may do it better.

I hope to get some good feedback on this, as i know there must be many other people in the same boat

Facebook\twiter\G+ like\share integration -
main slideshow -
Best seo extension\s -
internal Search improvment (i hear the magento search is crap) -

Advanced Reports - Ahead Works- $129
Gift Certificates - Unirgy_Giftcert - $125.00

Inventory and order fufilment - uDropship - $950
Checkout - IWD one step checkout - Free - i dont know this extension but it seemed to work well with full ajax support. Should i move to a name brand extension?

Order comments - Magemaven OrderComment - Free
Image lightbox - LightBox2 - Free
JS AND CSS speed - Fooman speedster- Free
WebShopApps MatrixRate - Shipping enhancement - Free
Points Program - self coded
Ajax Cart - self coded
best sellers - self coded
Image Zoom - self coded

Thinking about it now, i would love to hear also about anything i should add to this list to add to extra important or business critical functionality. Cheers

Also for the record im not interested in any web company thats trying to sell a product. I will see through that quick smart.

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Magento Community
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It depends on what type of functionality you need or what you\’re trying to accomplish. We\’ve written several posts over the past year regarding Magento extensions based on needs. Feel free to browse and read more about them based on category…

Order Management -

SEO and Social Media:

Various General:



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