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Full Time Senior Level Magento Developer Position in Orlando, FL with Multi-Million Dollar Firm
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Job Posting Here on Magento’s Job Board:

Welcome from, a network of several ecommerce sites selling everything you need at home including furniture, hot tubs, playgrounds, hardwood flooring, rugs, décor and more.

We’re a fun, outgoing company, living in a fast past, rapid growth, and ever changing environment. With several experienced entrepreneurial leaders at the helm, the company has seen an exceptional growth rate from zero to eight million in revenue in just under 26 months.

Our office located in the heart of downtown Orlando, consists of modern furniture, dj booths, glass conference rooms, dart boards, video game machines, and even a kegerator. We believe in a work life balance of “work hard, play hard” that has gotten us to where we are today. Quarterly company outings help us bond together as a team as well.

Our company is currently looking for a Senior Level Magento Developer who can take a leadership role in starting our official “IT” department. Up to this point, the majority of staff have been marketing, fulfillment, conversion, and customer service focused, leaving a gap in development. While Magento is easy to work with, and some of us are dangerous enough with PHP to build our sites out, none of us are focused on it full time, nor are we the most efficient. We feel our company is ready for the next step in starting our IT department by hiring a full time position for the role.

Throughout the fast past growth we’ve experienced, our Magento installation has been upgraded three times, servers have been switched twice, and themes have been upgraded as well, all while integrating over 60+ extensions. Needless to say, there have been some hick-ups along the way. Currently we are experiencing some issues that are no longer solvable by the current team we have, who know little about databases and PHP, so now is as good of time as any to bring in this Senior Level position.

We are looking for a full time, Senior Level Magento Developer to work in our Orlando office who:

• Would enjoy our company culture
• Possesses the leadership skills necessary to hire Jr. Developers on their team as needed
• Has 3-4 years experience working with PHP5, MySQL, and deep into Magento
• Most importantly understands Magento’s EAV database structure like the back of their hand
• Lives and breaths code
• Loves to tackle a difficult challenge (ours may be the most difficult yet.)
• Is resourceful and will not give up until a problem is solved
• Usually finds themselves teaching others because you seem to know more about Magento than they do
• Is amazing when working with database structures and large amounts of data
• Understands the server requirements of Magento and how to make Magento speed along faster than the speed of light
• Has a good base knowledge of SEO

We are NOT looking for:

• Companies to outsource to or hire (this is a full time, in office position)
• Someone who complains
• Someone who gives up easily
• Someone who doesn’t like managing people
• Someone who doesn’t present new ideas

This is an opportunity to get in on the ground floor with a company that has amazing potential to grow well beyond where we are today. With eight million in just 2 years, the sky is the limit. Currently our revenue is based solely off of a few key product lines (about 1/60th of what is available to us.) This year, we are investing heavily in marketing and growing these other lines. The person we want for this position will lead the development and IT department as we grow it out over the next 12 months. There’s no where to go but up for this position.

Taking applications now. Interviews are starting after the holidays in the beginning of January. We’re looking to have the position filled by the end of January 2013.

Apply by sending your resume to

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