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Foreign Characters showing up weird in Shipping Address Drop-down
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I’m working on the website Morter Supplements, and noticed when a customer attempts to Estimate Shipping overseas to France, the French region / province names have accents in them.

Instead of showing up correctly, they show up like this: Ardèche
As you can see strange copyright and checkmark characters are showing up instead of the fancy accent marks.

It looks to me like this is an issue of the database not being told to translate this characters correctly.

Any idea on how to get these accents to show up correctly?
I checked the lastest 1.7 demo on Magento and they show up correct on there.


By the way, the names of these French accents are: the accent aigu ´ (acute accent), accent grave ` (grave accent). accent circonflexe ˆ (circumflex) , the accent tréma ¨ (dieresis or umlaut), and the cédille ¸ (cedilla).

Note: We were able to fix this, with the help of our web host, by just copy the correct table from a fresh install of Magento 1.7 and replacing the table in our current database. Somehow, the accents got messed up during one of the previous upgrades.

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