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1.7 Upgrade Fail *NEED URGENT HELP*
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Joined:  2012-08-30

I need some serious immediate help.

I attempted to upgrade 1.5 to 1.7 and it completely failed. So, I attempted to re-upload the 1.5 backup files and now the site is completely screwed. I took down all files in the directory and re-uploaded the backup files then I attempted to import the db backup but it wont work.

Here’s what’s going on. has the old 1.5 version of Magento. If you click on any product you get a 404 page. I have uploaded all original files that were in place before the upgrade attempt.

When I navigate to a product in the back end I get error:

Fatal error: Class ‘Varien_Data_Form_Element_Weight’ not found in /home/abog/public_html/lib/Varien/Data/Form/Abstract.php on line 122

1. phpmyadmin won’t import the db because the file is too large.
2. I’ve tried SSH import but keep getting “file or directory does not exist”

All this happens on 1.7 as well. I could care less about upgrading to 1.7 right now, my main concern is getting 1.5 back up so orders can take place. The site has been down since Friday.

What am I doing wrong? The server tech support is zero help.

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Samantha, my store was upgraded to 1.7 by Cart2Cart service. It was really effortless for me and I did not experienced any difficulties with it. 
If the server tech support will not help you, try to contact Cart2Cart support team (it is free)
I can not say exactly, but they are professionals, hope they will solve this issue.

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Pasadena, CA

Hey Samantha, wow sorry to hear about this.  Looks like your site is back up now, which I’m glad to see!  I was just going to say that performing a mysql import is really something that a hosting company should be able to help with, particularly if you’re having problems using phpmyadmin b/c the dump is too big.  There’s nothing even Magento-specific about doing a database import.

The way that I would normally do an import would be to just do this from the command line

mysql -uUsername -p databasename < var/database.sql

I usually always export my database backup to the var/ directory, which is why I’m importing it from there.  If you got “File or directory doesn’t exist”, it’s got to be that you were pointing to the wrong file. One easy way to make sure you’re pointing to the right file is simply do a “ls path/to/file” - all that will do is list out the file details if it can find it.

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