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Searchanise — free, fast, and smart search for online stores
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Hi all!

Today, we are happy and proud to introduce to you Searchanise - a real-time product search service for Magento.

Searchanise is a free SaaS search solution that can be connected to any online store to handle its product search requests, thus dramatically improve search speed and decrease server load.

The key features of Searchanise are:
- customizable instant search widget
- fast remote product search and facet generating
- live search suggestions
- real-time spell check and auto-correction

Currently Searchanise can easily serve stores with up to 100,000 products, providing instant search results and suggestions in customizable widget.

We have developed a free ready-to-use add-on for Magento, which is available for installation at MagentoConnect.

Until then, the add-on can be downloaded right from our website and installed manually (following the official guide).

You are very welcome to try Searchanise in your store right now!

Searchanise is currently in beta, so we would be happy to hear any feedback from you in this thread.

The search service is absolutely free and will remain free after we go out of beta, regardless of the store size or number of visitors. Join now and help us improve Searchanise!

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In my store each customer has brand.each brand has particular products.When the customer logins he should be able to see products of only his brands..can we add custom filter to searchanise .If yes how to do this can u please guide…

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