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Problems with guest checkout
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Joined:  2011-04-15
Lincolnshire, England

The background.
We are running our site on Community 1.6.1 and it’s been running with no problems for a year. Since we hate having to register with a website in order to go through a checkout process we have allowed guest checkout on our site.

The problem
In the last couple of weeks, whilst the customer is required to complete all the address fields in order to go through the checkout, whether they’re registered or not, all guest login orders are coming through with no billing address, email or telephone number. Since we haven’t changed anything, any clues what this might be caused by would be gratefully received. We are about to upgrade to the most recent version but are loathe to do so until this is resolved.


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Pasadena, CA

Hey @Lynne, so to clarify, since you posted this in the Magento Upgrades forum, is this at all related to a recent upgrade?  Or the guest checkout functionality stopped working with no development or configuration changes whatsoever having been made?

Couple thoughts:
- Try restoring a backup that is previous to when this started happening and see if it reproduces (in a staging environment).
- If nothing at all was changed configuration-wise, my first guess would be maybe your log files or var directory is running up against a disk space limit?  But honestly I would expect much worse things to happen if that was the case.
- Try disabling all third party modules and see if it reproduces.  (Probably in a staging environment as well depending on which modules you have installed).

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