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New to Magento, need up upgrading from 1.6.1 to 1.7
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*** EDIT FINAL: Okay this guide was a lot better:
And it’s now working.

*** EDIT: Okay I found out to change permissions on mage. But I’m getting “No upgrades” available. Why am I getting that?

I’m brand new to Magento. I bought a theme from and realized it was out of date.
Can someone help me upgrade?
I was following this guide:
So I logged in via ssh, went to www directory.

./mage list-upgrades


-jailshell: ./mage: Permission denied

This is with hostgator.
Can someone tell me what I’m doing wrong? Or what I need to do to upgrade to newest version.

Also, is there a list of security upgrades someone should do, or is it pretty secure already?
Thanks so much.

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Actually, there I know two ways of Magento upgrade

1. Upgrading via SVN
*Backup your database (System → Tools → Backups)
* You can use PHPMyAdmin (but this may fail due to time-limits on php scripts)
* Export in SSH ( by typing)
*mysqldump -u USER -p DBNAME > dump.sql
*Reimport using mysql -u USER -p DBNAME < dump.sql
*Backup all the code you modified yourself, and don’t forget to keep the original installation archive
*Take care of saving the media directory that contains all the uploaded product/category images
*Create a backup copy of app/etc/local.xml file
*Download a new installation archive or run SVN update if you checked it out from the Magento repository
*Extract and upload all the files it contains to your server
*Delete var/cache and var/session directories
*Point your browser to any Magento page

2 Automated migration service Cart2Cart,
It is much easier, quicker and safer, but it costs money.

I had used both ways. It is up to you, chose the one that you like the most

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Pasadena, CA

Hey @bazaa, I actually wouldn’t worry about using the command-line tools to upgrade.  Simply copy in the files and clear cache.  I actually have a magento upgrade guide you may want to reference.

There isn’t a list of security upgrades specifically that you need to worry about.  However there was just one recent Zend security vulnerability that was patched which is not included in the core:

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