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Add new columns to Manage Product page - Default values? 
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Joined:  2011-07-16

I have added 2 attributes to all products in my store.  They are a way for us to check to see if products have undergone review, then by who.

I have the columns on my manage products page, no problem there.

The attributes are both drop-down types.  One is a simple Yes/No they select, and the other is just a list of initials for our testers.

The columns work, and I can sort, no problem there.  But what I would like to do is have the default values for each attribute show up by default.

So for example, if a product has NOT been checked, the default value for that attribute should show “No” in the column.  If a product HAS been checked, it would show “Yes”.  Then, regardless of the checked, it should show the tester’s initials, assuming that has been updated by the tester.

The idea is, when we load the manage products page, we want to see if a product has been checked or not.  I have attached a couple of images for clarification.

Thanks for any suggestions!


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