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Extending REST API For Multi Order Updates
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I have been doing some work on the REST API so that I can batch update order status for many orders at once with data from an ERP.

I found something interesting so figured I’d post it here.

It all went pretty well, extending the API was not a problem but then I hit a strange problem, my orders were being updated fine in Magento and the correct success response was being sent but an exception was being thrown by the Oauth client.

This was the message:
Invalid auth/bad request (got a 207, expected HTTP/1.1 20X or a redirect)

I was using PUT method and updating multiple items so the correct status code to return was:

That boils down to an HTTP status code of 207

So I downloaded the Oathsource from the pecl site and found this:
} else if (http_response_code < 200 || http_response_code > 206) {
spprintf(&bufz;, 0, “Invalid auth/bad request (got a &#xld;, expected HTTP/1.1 20X or a redirect)”, http_response_code);

So we have a bit of a problem because the Oauth library expects a success status code to be in the range 200-206 and doesn’t yet recognise 207 as a valid Multi-Status response code.

So the easiest resolution was to add in an extra OAuthException handler, check for code 207, in which case handle it neatly, or else fall back to your default excpetion handling.

I hope that helps someone!



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Thanks for posting. Sort of a Magento ERP integration?

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