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Edge Animate project not appearing inside of Magento store
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Joined:  2008-09-11

About a year ago, I did a small restaurant site that included an early version of Adobe’s new Edge tool for HTML5 based animation. Recently, I had to update it and with the new code, the project no longer appears. All I get is a black background and no animation. None of the images appear and I’ve tried all sorts of methods placing the project in a number of different folders it might appear in. I ran a test in Firebug and all I got were three message all saying the same thing:

The character encoding of a framed document was not declared. The document may appear different if viewed without the document framing it.

No idea where in the code that might occur and no idea if it’s Edge Animate related or not.

I thought it might be a need to update JQuery but it turns out Magento doesn’t use it anyway. So what is the issue and how can I resolve it? Can I resolve it?

Site in question:

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