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How to call MAGMI datapump API from command line? 
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I’ve just written a script for MAGMI datapump API to import products from an XML feed. All is working fine when I call the script through my web browser, except that it will often time out (I’m using NGINX - I get “504 Gateway Time-out”.

Could somebody show me how I can call my script from the command line? I tried “php ./integration/scripts/import.php” but that brought up notices and eventually an error “could not open input file: shell/indexer”.

Thanks in advance,


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I’ve got the same error, but in my case I used bash script to run synchronization with some ERP system.

the string in my bash-script was:

usr/bin/php /var/www/magento/magmi/cli/magmi.cli.php -mode=create

Bad string!

Then, I looked at /magmi/inc/fshelper.php and /magmi/plugins/base/general/reindex/magmi_reindexing_plugin.php and found out that method exec_cmd looks uncomplete.
In my case this is it

public function exec_cmd($cmd,$params)
=shell_exec($cmd." ".$params);
catch(Exception $e)
->_lasterror=array("type"=>"remote execution error","message"=>$e->getMessage());
return $out;

if you debug it, as I did it, you can get something like this:

php shell/indexer.php --reindex ....

So, it means, if your current directory is not root of magento project, then you’ll see the error, like this

plugin;Magmi_ReindexingPlugin;info:Magmi Magento Reindexer v1.0.2 - Cleaning flat tables before reindex…
plugin;Magmi_ReindexingPlugin;info:Magmi Magento Reindexer v1.0.2 - running indexer
plugin;Magmi_ReindexingPlugin;info:Magmi Magento Reindexer v1.0.2 - Reindexing catalog_product_attribute....
plugin;Magmi_ReindexingPlugin;info:Magmi Magento Reindexer v1.0.2 - Could not open input file: shell/indexer.php

As you can see the problem in method exec_cmd or you can fix method updateIndexes in

replace string

$cl=$this->getParam("REINDEX:phpcli")." shell/indexer.php";
set this
$cl=$this->getParam("REINDEX:phpcli")." ".$_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT']."/shell/indexer.php";

// or you can try this 

$cl=$this->getParam("REINDEX:phpcli")." ".MAGMI_BASEDIR."/shell/indexer.php";
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