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Setting minimum qty allowed in cart in product edit does not allow website specific values. 
Peter Svegrup
Jr. Member
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Joined:  2011-01-25

Hi all,

I have come to a dead end in trying to solve this and really hope someone can give me a pointer to the solution, however obvious smile

The setup is CE 1.5, 2 websites; 1 for retail and 1 for wholesale and the websites share the same root category.

When I try to change the minimum qty allowed in cart for a specific range of products under the wholesale store view, the change is also reflected under the retail store view and the default configuration.

What I am missing here?

Big thanks in advance!!


EDIT: Should anyone come by this post then the solution is that it’s not possible out of the box. The attribute is GLOBAL and can therefore not be set per WEBSITE.

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