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Adding store in multi-store site
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Happy Thanksgiving, all!! I’m posting this in the hopes that someone might notice in between their family time and have pity on me. I’ve added a new site to our installation & seem to be having a problem with symlinks.

I’m running ver The new site is I’ve been working on this since yesterday afternoon but am thoroughly stumped. When I use the file manager in my host’s cpanel, the symlinks look entirely different for this site than they do for the others (the others work - is one of them.) A number of times i’ve unlinked the directories and re-linked (using ssh.) I’m using the same ‘instructions’ that I did when I set up the others (admittedly some time ago.) - I’m using the Addon Domain method. I’ve checked (and changed0 the permissions - and then unlinked and relinked again, but no joy.

i’ve checked DNS settings, cleared the caches multiple times and just can’t get it to move forward.

Any ideas and suggestions would be most welcome. Thank you in advance and have a lovely Thanksgiving!

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