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Enable Category/Product catalog Flat
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I have a question to ask.
I have a Magento Shop with about 20,000 products and 9,000 categories.
Every night I run the import of all products and categories through a cron.
After importing I noticed that by the admin-> System-> Configuration-> Catalog options “Use catalog category Flat” and “Use Flat Catalog Product” are disabled.
Is there a way to activate these options directly from the script so that every morning should not be turned on manually?
Thank you.

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Import script should not disable those options.
After each import you need to re-index of flat tables (Product Flat data and category flat data).

In case you are interested in alternative automated solution to update your store regularly you can use Store Manager for Magento together with its addon - Automated Product import. Using the software you will be able to import in schedule and automatically and this import won\’t disable mentioned options. Also re-index can be done automatically right in the process of import.

In case you are interested, in my signature you can find the link to try out the software. The version if fully functional and you can use it free for 2 weeks.

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It sounds like you are running through CSV imports, it behaves differently to API or manual updates. The best approach depends on your requirements, if you are importing the catalog but only a few products are actually updated (price, inventory) you need delta enabled functionality to update products through the API.

If you are actually updating all 20,000 products, and there is no reason to normally do this, then CSV would be the workaround for performance but the indexes need to be revalidated, with 20,000 products that will take some time.

What type of load is this, affiliate data or actual company products from a backend system such as an ERP or PIM.

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