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Best way to implement custom homepage
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First of all let me state I’m just beginning to learn magento. I installed magento for the first time 3 days ago and this is the first time I’ve ever looked at either the front-end or the code itself. So if this all sounds really “noobish”, then that\\\’s why.

So i managed to find out how to edit the homepage (dump html into the CMS > pages), and I’ve edited the template to 1 column and edited the left sidebar (defined by the sample data i assume). Now i want to implement a pinterest style, infinite scroll product view onto the homepage which will just show random products (for now).

I’ve done some research over the past few days whilst learning and there seems to be a few different ways of adding this type of functionality. I think however the best way in keeping with “best practices” is to create a custom plugin with the independent layout XML and plugin class e.c.t. Would you agree for something like this, this is the best way to go (i will be implementing the same functionality in another area of the magento website in the future, such as a “related products to your past purchases” page).

If you concur a plugin is the best way forward, would you be able to provide some pointers and possibly links to valuable how-to’s, tutorials, e.c.t. that will help me develop such a plugin (a tutorial that preferably explains everything in detail rather than just saying “do it this way because i say so").

I need to try and pick this up pretty quickly and get to work, hence why i can\\\’t spend weeks going through the code and following hundreds of tutorials to familiarise myself with everything. So im just learning what i need, as i need it, so please don’t just tell me to visit a site with a load of tutorials that will teach me everything, i need something concise and to the point.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, i do not want my hand holding through the process and i don’t want copy and paste code, i just need a starting point to get my feet off the ground on this one.

Thanks smile

Edited to remove backslash escapes on the quotes. i think some left magic quotes enabled confused

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