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Show / Hide Attribute Group Based On Selected Category In Managed Products
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Joined:  2009-12-02

I am trying to accomplish a way to show and hide attribute groups within managed products page based on the category selected.

For example, if I am adding a new product and tie it to “Attribute Set A” and that attribute set has two groups, “Group 1” and Group 2”, I want to hide these attribute groups on the managed product page till a specific category is selected.
So, if I have 2 categories such as, “Category 1” and “Category 2”, and I select “Category 1” in my Categories tab on the left within Managed Products page, then “Group 1” will then be shown and “Group 2” will still be hidden.

Our store is heavily based on layered navigation attributes and we have many categories.  I am trying to achieve a way to only show the attributes that I want used for a specific category selected.  I do not want to show every attribute within an attribute set if those attributes are not relevant to the category that the product is being listed under. This will prevent our staff from being confused on what attributes need to be answered based on the category the product is being listed under.

If I am confusing anyone so far please let me know.  smile

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