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Problem with URLs and duplicated content
Federico Vezzoli
Jr. Member
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Joined:  2009-07-23

Hi everyone.
I’ve got a problem with the urls of my magento installation.
I don’t understand why but the urls in the site works both with or without the category in the urls, leading to a duplicated content and a penalization by the search engine.

Here is the example, that’s the right url, navigating correcly through the categories menu:

but if I navigate just to the category bmx and i select the same product the final url is:

of course it works even without any category name in the url:

Anyone has a clue?
I’m running Magento


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United Kingdom

Hi Federico,

You must install the following extension on your site. It creates one unique URL for each and every product for your entire site.

Here are the main features of this module-:

- One primary category for products which are there in multiple categories

- Permanent redirects (301) if you explicitly remove category path from the URL

- Permanent redirects (301) if you explicitly add non-primary category in the URL

- Primary category will be used in the URL for each and every section of the store including cross sells, up sells, relative products, basket link, search, advance search etc.

- It resolves duplicate content issue problem for your site as search engines will find one unique url for each product instead of multiple urls

- This module can be completely disabled whenever required via system configuration in admin

Must have extension for any Magento or E-commerce website.

Kind Regards
Scommerce Mage

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