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How to set product attributes while creating order programmatically
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I am using magento, I have a script which places order with product,customer info. The order is created successfully, but I am facing a problem to set product attribute while running this script to create order. I am posting my second function which sets information however my first function sets customer, product and billing/shipping address.

public function createOrder($quoteId
= array();
$quoteObj Mage::getModel('sales/quote')->load($quoteId);
$items $quoteObj->getAllItems();
$convertQuoteObj Mage::getSingleton('sales/convert_quote');
$orderObj $convertQuoteObj->addressToOrder($quoteObj->getShippingAddress());        
        foreach (
$items as $item{
$orderItem $convertQuoteObj->itemToOrderItem($item);
$options = array();

$orderItem->setProductOptions(new Varien_Object(
'product' => $item->getProduct(),
//'code' => 'shoe_size',
'code' => '502',
'value' => '41' // Option id goes here. If more options, then comma separate 
        if (
$productOptions $item->getProduct()->getTypeInstance(true)->getOrderOptions($item->getProduct())) {
if ($addOptions $item->getOptionByCode('additional_options')) {
if ($options{
if ($item->getParentItem()) {
catch (Exception $e){        
$last_insert_order_id $orderObj->getRealOrderId();
I am testing this after installing magento sample data, where men’s shoes[id=93], its attribute is size/8.
I will be very thankful any kind of help.
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