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Magento No Longer works with Aimco Packing Partner
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Joined:  2011-06-16

Hi All,

Firstly I love Magento and have managed to get everything working nicely.

I am now at a point where all Magento website sales can not be collected by our invoicing software Aimco’s Packing Partner from the sales section in admin.

Now this was something that collected without any issues in version 1.5. but 1.6 and 1.7 updates killed this.

This collects from Ebay, Play and Amazon but not our online Magento store. With conversations with Packing partner this fix was going to be included a few versions back but never materialised. I left this a while to see if this was in new versions and we managed manually to to take sales over to the software.

I am now not giving in till this is fixed and I finally have a perfect system.

The solution has already been set out by Packing Partner and they believe it is very easy, with only need to amend one or two lines of code.

Does anyone have to ability to look into this?

Regards Rob.

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