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Configurable Product, Custom Fields, Custom Options, or Custom Attributes? 
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We need to be able to allow users to purchase for others on our store. Along with the purchase, we are also needing to submit extra information for certain line items.
We have the MageWorx Custom Option extension but it is difficult to use because, as they are options, they need to be filled in for each line item and we are not sure how to do that programatically as we add the products to the cart using ajax and NOT the usual way from the product list.

We parse the order and send the product information to a web service to send to our ordering system after the purchase is verified. Magento stores the order and handles order confirmation emails, etc. but we don’t really use it for accounting or order management, etc.

Which option would be a better fit for us to use for our products that we need to submit extra information and how would we setup these product as well as be able to retrieve this extra information from the product?

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