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Dataflow product import not importing super_attribute fields
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Cross-posting this from my Stack Overflow question found here.

I’m in the process of testing various methods to import a substantial list of products from an older cart system into Magento Community edition (

I’m aware of utilities like Magmi, but we’re hoping to explore the simpler solutions first.

Currently I’m looking to export a CSV file from our old cart to use with Magento’s built in import/Dataflow option. Before getting there however I’m running tests with existing Magento products exported with Magento’s export/Dataflow tools, and am having trouble getting Magento to read and associate the attribute sets/codes for configurable products.

I’ve tried all the combinations (simple export to simple import, simple to dataflow, dataflow to simple, dataflow to dataflow) before narrowing down a Dataflow export to Dataflow import as almost successful. However, Dataflow export does not include super_attribute fields. I have tried adding them manually using both the simple Import field keys (IE: “_super_products_sku”, “_super_attribute_code”, and “_super_attribute_option") as well as without the leading _underscore.

I have had no success getting the attributes/sets imported; the process completes without errors and the products are created, however none of the configurable products have attribute sets and none of the simple products are assigned to their configurable “parent”. None of the super_ attributes are selectable for manual mapping in Dataflow, leading me to wonder whether this is even possible.

I am attaching a text file of our header and a product row, it’s comma-separated, but the Magento forums don’t allow .csv files to be uploaded.

From what I’ve been able to find in other stackoverflow questions and the Magento forums it sounds like there’s no reason the above shouldn’t work. Anyone able to offer some insight will be showered with thanks.

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