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Category sub-pages
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Joined:  2008-06-09
Milwaukee, WI

Hi -

Anyone know how to best implement category sub-pages? Have a look at this example:

This is category page. The banner at the top of the page is pulled in via a static block, assigned in the admin. So far so good.

Now click on ‘Learn More’.

This is a static page implemented with the url identifier ‘flor-for-business/learn-more.html’

So it looks like a sub-page to that category. By way of layout modification in the admin, I’m adding the Layered Navigation block to the left column.

But notice how it changed from the actual category page, it’s no longer in the ‘flor-for-business’ category. Obviously that is because it’s implemented as a CMS page and the Navigation basically resets to the Top Level category - aka ‘none defined’.

So the question again is how implement pages like that…

I noticed there is a block template for Catalog/Category/Page.phtml . It sounds like something intended for this… but I’m not certain how to implement/use that due to lack of examples.

The one thing I can think of is to put all of the category content on the same page and use Javascript/DOM manipulation to switch the display. But before I go that route, I’d rather have a bio-degradable solution grin

Thanks for any wisdom you can share.

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I am searching solution for the same problem. Did you guys come up with solution?

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