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Which phtml file gets “translated” into those html files that are shown in URL? 
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Hello everybody,

I’m in the process of launching my Magento shop. One of the last steps before the go-live is that I try to speed the page load up a bit. Main aim is to reduce HTTP-Requests. So when I check my site with the analyzer of GTMetrix, it says: should inline the following small resources: ..../print.css

Okay, I get that and I know how to inline css into a html file. What I don’t know is in which magento-file I should embed this code. I mean when I surf through my site the URLs read something like “”, but there is no “news.html” in the folders of my account, only phtml files spreaded over various app folders.

Can somebody tell me which phtml file result as the html shown in the URL of my browser?

Thanks a lot in advance!

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